Competitiveness today means permanent automation. As long as there is no uniformly valid standard in the automation of production processes, each plant manufacturer can only offer and implement his own concept. Maintenance is unnecessarily overtaxed by the multitude of different systems and long downtimes cannot be avoided.

A common problem are not running systems which not showing why. In addition to the prescribed hardware, the standardization of the software is an essential element. Road traffic does not run better if everyone drives the same car and different traffic rules apply everywhere, but when the same rules apply to all different vehicles.


No process without a message – HMI display.
The necessary database entries are edited using a tool and copied into the database. The FMG SceLe Tool uses these entries to log the PDM data from the PLC into a database.
The HMI only needs the IP address of the PLC and a DSN database access.
An Excel template is sufficient to copy the necessary texts for the HMI into the database.
Using the FMG Scele Tool, a detailed process data management as well as the evaluations of the business indicators can be carried out:
Bottleneck analysis, error evaluation, PCM – Process Controlled Monitoring Report, Cycle Time, Non Auto Value Analysis,
are included in one move in DICOsystem®.
Basis for the establishment of a quality or maintenance management.