Robot Programming
Seite Roboterprogrammierung

Resistance or arc welding, adhesive jobs, handling, palletizing, jobs for cutting and assembling.
These and many more are common tasks of industrial robots.
In order to be able to carry out the above or other tasks, it is important not only to know the syntax of the respective robot, but also to be able to efficiently solve problems and be able to choose and apply the correct method accordingly.

We offer you the following know-how:

Be it the latest model from KUKA KR C-4 or -2 or the 5th control generation IRC5 from ABB or GE-FANUC, we program it.
Considering the machine characteristics of the respective type, we create the sequence programs in shortest time and optimal adaptation to the plant conditions.
De facto this means for you: optimal cycle time with low manipulator load by efficient motion sequences.